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Published by The Driving Lead in Bowls Notes • 1/23/2012 2:57:48 PM
G Day and welcome to this weeks news from the Bowlie,
The big news of the week was the great win by our Triples team of, Mick Went, Graham Barby and Col Hayward, in the District Triples at Forbes, It was a great game to watch,as our cheer squad of four Barracked the boys home, Col Hayward showed why he is one of the best bowlers in the district, as several times he got the team out of trouble with his last bowl, one end, down 5, he drew the absolute winner to go one up, much to the delight of the fab four, and dismay to the 30 odd Forbes fans, well done team.
We started the business house bowls on Wednesday, but as only half the teams turned up, we had a trial round, Thursday was a bit better, they had an extra day to organize, so this week its on for young and old.
Winners on Wednesday were Mamre and runners up RokFM, Thursday Revamped, Runners up Villagers/Thrown Together
Thursday 20 bowlers hit the greens, with the winners being Tom Cole and Wally Grant, runners up Joe Crowley and Col Mudie,(there you go Joe, your in as a winner), a couple of scores on the day, John Keogh and Robert Corbett beat Gary McPhee and Col Hayward 18/16, and Nev Whitfield and John Hodge had a close game against Aaron Harmon and Gordon Dickson 20/18.
Saturday afternoon saw 32 bowlers on the green, winners Kevin Hynds and Col Mudie, runners up Alan Affleck Ray Jones and Greg Fisher, some scores from the games, Kevin Hynds and Col Mudie beat Ron Hornery and Tony Bright 17/16, and the game of the day saw Noel Nicholson John Ward and Arthur Corbett draw with Tom Hamilton Greig Ball and Tom Casey 20/20, with the Corbett team winning on ends.
The morning chicken run saw 16 bowlers take part, the Jackpot was not won, it is now fixed at $1000, with a couple of numbers taken off each week, to make the chances better each week, this Sunday ,it will be out of 21, so come along and have a great Morning.
On Sunday afternoon we tried a new event, Mixed Pairs, 10 Couples took part, starting at 4pm, we played a full 21 ends, and everyone had a great day, watch this space because we will be running another day in mid February.
The winners on the afternoon were, Elaine Miller and Dave Johnstone, runners up Rhona Went and Col Hayward
Thanks to everyone who turned up on Saturday morning to spread the sand on the middle green, it is now Lazar leveled and looking good, we hope it will be back in action mid February.
The list is on the board for the Club Major and Minor Pairs, entries close on 9th February, with the Major pairs to be played by 3rd March and the Minor Pairs by 4th March.The list for the Major and Minor Singles will be up later this week.
We have a full list for the Australia Day Mini Carnival,( max 14 teams), all we need now is a fine day.
That's all for now, see you all at the Bowlie,
Good bowling everyone.

The Driving Lead