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New Year
Published by The Driving Lead in Bowls Notes • 1/2/2012 12:48:15 PM
Well, here we are at the start of another year, Whacko, things can only get better,
Whilst I was away for 10 days over Christmas, quite a lot of social bowls were held,
Tuesday Afternoon after Christmas, a game of social bowls was held, I don't know how many bowlers turned up, but the winners were Tony Bright Wally Grant and Matt Swindle, runners up being Brett Frame and Dave Swindle.
THURSDAY SOCIAL on the 22nd Dec 42 players took to the field, with the winners being Martin Tighe Greg Fisher and Peter Fisher
Runners up being Allen Affleck Tom Hamilton and Arthur Corbett
Thursday Social games on 29th December saw 36 bowlers on the green with the winners being Col Mudie Bruce Deland and Ron Murray, and the runners up being John Ward and Peter McPhee. Some results of the games played, Peter McPhee and John Ward beat Wally Austin and Joe Davies 20/17.John Hodge and Robert Corbett had a close win over Mick Valentine and John Carr 20/18, and Graham Nicholson,Norm Keane and Geoff Freeman had a close call over Luke McPhee Bruce Orr and Eddie McPhee 20/15.
SATURDAY SOCIAL BOWLSon 24th Dec. Some 30 players had a pre Christmas hitout, I don't know who won the day, but some scores on the day showed some real battles, Norm Keane and Dave Button had a good win over Wally Grant and Brett Frame 23/17,Ron Murray John Hodge and Keith MacRae had a win over Shawn Larkins Chris Dunn and John Carr 22/15 and the match of the day saw P Craft and Mick Craft in a 17/17 draw with Max Tomkins and John Corcoran, Mick won the day on ends 11/10, you can't get any closer than that.
Saturday the 31st Dec saw 38 bowlers on the green with the winners being Gwenda Carty and Rhona Went and runners up being Graham Barby and Ken Walsh.
Some scores on the day saw Rhona Went and Gwenda Carty beat Brenda Davies and Liz Byrne 23/22,Graham Nicholson and Geoff Freeman beat Wally Austin and John Carr 24/21, and Ken Walsh and Graham Barby had a close call against Tom Hamilton and Col Hayward 23/19
SUNDAY CHICKEN RUN. On the 18th December 12 players took to the green, with the winners being Ben Townsend Tom Cole and Keith Hutchison
and on Sunday the 1st Jan, only 4 players were present, the Jackpot did not go off and now stands at $960

The District events have now closed, our club will be hosting the District Fours on the weekend of 28/29 January, come down and see the champs in action.
The Australia Day Mini Carnival will be held on Thursday 26th Jan,we can only accept 14 teams of four so,the first 14 teams in will be accepted, they can be teams of Men Women or mixed. so get in quick and put your team on the board.
The list is on the board for names of players who can play Pennants this year, we will be playing No 2,5,6 and 7 grades this year,so anyone who can help us out please put your name down.I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a sober New Years Eve, I know some people who were a bit tired on Sunday Morning,don't worry it can only get better.Well, that's it for this week, I think I am up to date with everything, so see you all on the green.

The Driving Lead