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Century 21 Tournament Sunday
Published by Jack High in Bowls Notes • 7/16/2018 4:58:29 PM
Here is the latest from the Bowlie.
It was a great day for bowls last Thursday when the sun shone all the afternoon. Twenty three bowlers enjoyed the great conditions for bowls with five games of social bowls together with two championship matches.
In the social bowls John Watson & Keith MacRae had a comfortable win over Gordon Dickson & Trevor Harvey, Graham Barby & Greg Howlett 20 Ray Jones & Arthur Corbett 11, (Greg continued his good form from the previous weekend in the singles to help lead all the way to win). Bob Freeman & Colin Hayward 24 Colin Mudie Steve Mills 23. Bob & Colin led all the way most of the match but Colin and Steve led 23 - 22 on the twentieth end then Bob & Colin picked up 2 shots on the last end to win the game. Ian Simpson & Geoff Freeman 29 defeated John Carr & John Ward 20. Ian & Geoff led all the way throughout this game.
Minor Singles Greg Huggins 31 Jim Blake 20. Greg held the upper hand on the scoreboard in the early stages, but after 29 ends Jim was only behind 29 to 27. Over the next 4 ends Greg picked up 4 shots to win the game. In the Minor Pairs Rob Irving & Guy Ellery 25 defeated Martin Tighe & Gary McPhee 20. While Rob & Guy led all the way, the score of the second last end was 20 to 23.
Trophy winners on the day were Greg Huggins and marker Pat Cooney with the runners up being the pairs game between Graham Barby & Greg Howlett.
Another Singles Championship match played on Saturday resulted in Guy Ellery 31 defeating Steve Mills 26. Guy led early until the eleventh end when the scores were 9 all. The score fluctuated closely with Nimo leading until Guy went one in front on the twenty-ninth end and went on to win a close game.
There was also four games on social bowls on Saturday. In the pairs Keith MacRae & John Ward 23 defeated Brenda Davies & Rhona Went 21 on the last end. Martin Tighe & Mark Dwyer 24 defeated Bruce Orr & Colin Mudie 15. While Martin & Mark were behind on the score board in the early exchanges scores were level on the seventh, 9th ends. They gradually wore the opposition down and took control of the game in the last half. Greg Huggins & Greg Howlett were defeated by John Watson & Ray Jones. While John & Ray led all the way the two Greg's came home with wind in their sails and won 5 of the last seven ends to just fall short. In the triples game Alan Affleck Rob Irving John Davies 23 defeated Gordon Dickson John Carr Brett Frame 18. The winners had the better of the score board in the early stages, when the losers took control in the last half but just fell short on the scoreboard. Winners for the day were Keith MacRae & John Ward.
The runners up were the singles match of Guy Ellery and marker Bernie Mitchell.
On Sunday 14 social bowlers played two games of pairs and one game of triples. Brenda Davies Guy Ellery Brett Frame 19 defeated Cherie Frame John Davies Colin Hayward 14. In the pairs Gwenda Carty & Arthur Corbett 13 J Ross & Greg Howlett 12. Jim Blake & Liz Byrne 27 Bob Freeman & John Ward 11.
Bowlers are reminded that the first round of the Major Triples Championships has to be played on or before 29th July. As well, pennant trials are scheduled to be played at the Railway Diggers Club on the 28th July, with a return match at Parkes Bowling and Sports Club on the 12th August. Both games and venues require names in by 12:30pm with a 1pm start.
Next Sunday is the Century 21 Hunters Real Estate sponsored tournament of two bowl pairs to consist of 3 games of 10 ends with a 1pm start.

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