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Men Win Club Gold Challenge
Published by The Rookie in Bowls Notes • 11/19/2018 3:20:42 PM
Here is the latest from the Bowlie.
On Saturday, November 17 our club played in the Zone Final of the Club Challenge against Narromine and Dubbo Railway.
Each Club had a team of six players and in a round robin format played a Singles, Pairs and Triples.
Our Singles player was Brett Frame, the Pairs were Mike and Paul Went and the Triples team were Garry Carberry, Tom Furey and Mark Dwyer.
In our match against Narromine we lost the rinks 2-1 but recovered to defeat Dubbo Railway 2 rinks to 1. In the third match Dubbo Railway got up against Narromine 2-1. With each team winning one match and three rinks the deciding factor was the aggregate number of shots and, thanks mainly to the Triples team who won both their matches, our Club won through to the State Final having an aggregate of +20 while Narromine finished on -2 and Dubbo on -13.
Congratulations to all players involved and good luck in the State Final, which will be played at Warilla on December 8.
Minor Triples Championship
The second semi-final of the Minor Triples was played on Sunday, November 18.
Scores were fairly close for most of the match and after seventeen ends, Gary Mcphee, Martin Tighe and Jim Blake had a lead of 14-13 against Bernie Mitchell, Gordon Dickson and Greg Huggins. On the next end Gary’s team scored three shots and then then took control of the match, to run out winners 28-17 and advance to the final.
Mixed Fours Championship
On the evening of Friday, November 16 the team of Mike Went, Robyn Morgan, Tom Casey and Rhona Went had a ding-dong battle against Liz Byrne, Col Mudie, Margaret Hawken and Graham Barby. With two ends to play the scores were level, 14 all but Mike’s team scored four shots on the next end and eventually ran out winners 19-14 to advance to the Semi-finals.
At the same time, the other Semi-final was being fought out on the next rink. With three ends to play, the team of Pat Cooney, Tom Furey, Maree Grant and Dave Johnson held the lead 19-13. Brett’s team scored five shots on the next two ends and needed one shot on the last end to force the match into an extra end. Not only did they score a shot on the last end but went on to score a shot in the extra end to advance to the final, 20-19.
Mixed Pairs Championship
On Thursday evening, November 15, Mike and Rhona Went won the first seven ends to take a lead of 11-0 against Tom Furey and Maree Grant. Mike and Rhona continued to play great bowls and eventually ran out winners 28-13.
On Friday evening, Brett and Cherie Frame had the better of the early ends against John and Brenda Davies. From there on John and Brenda found form and after eleven ends the scores were level, 9 all. Team Davies gradually took control of the match and with one end to play appeared to have a winning lead 19-14. However, Brett and Cherie played some great bowls on the last end to score the five shots they needed to force the match into an extra end. In a tense last end, both teams held shot at different time but John and Brenda eventually won the end by one shot and advanced to the Final.
Handicap Singles Championship
The Final of this event was played on Thursday, November 15 between Gary McPhee and Keith MacRae.
With the advantage of a one shot handicap difference Keith took the early lead but after eight ends the scores were level, 9 all. The lead changed hands a number of times and after twenty-two ends Keith was in front 21-20, however Gary won the next two ends to claim the Championship for 2018 with a 25-21 victory.
Congratulations to both players on a great match and in particular to our new champion, Gary McPhee.
Handicap Pairs Championship
In a Semi-Final of this event Dave Johnson and Gladrin Sun had to give a shot start to John Carr and John Dunn. Scores were very close over the opening ends and after twelve ends Dave and Gladrin lead 14-13.
On the next end they increased their lead, scoring the maximum eight shots. The two Johns never recovered and Dave and Gladrin ran out convincing winners 35-16.
Thursday, November 15.
Results of the Social Bowls were:
Col Mudie and Rob Irving 20 – Warren Beavan and Bruce Deland 19
Arthur Corbett and Graham Barby 23 – John Ward and Ron Hornery 19
Steve mills and John Watson 19 – Joe Crowley and Ian Simpson 14
John Carr, Bernie Mitchell and Gordon Dickson 30 – John Dunn, Jim Blake and Mal Porter 12
Saturday, November 17.
Results of the three matches played were:
John Davies and Jim Blake 16 – John Ward and Joe Crowley 15
Steve Ryan and Gordon Dickson 20 – Martin Tighe and Greg Huggins 13
George Boatswain, Maureen Baille and Col Woods 19- Rob Tinker, Ian Simpson and John Watson 15
Twilight Bowls.
In what was billed as “the match of the decade” 1300 Bugman No. 1 took on 1300 Bugman No. 2.The match lived up to the pre-match ”hype” and the 1300 Bugmen No. 1 emerged triumphant, 14-8.
Other results were:
Golden Girls 10 - Three Amigos 8
Purple People 17 – Cousins 11
J & CK 13 – High Rollers 11
Casey Surveying 15 – Loopy Loppers 8
We Wreck ‘em ‘N’ We Fix ‘em – 11 Rebelle 8
Central West Glass 10 – Bowl Bros. 9
Thanks again to Bob Riseborough for his help in organising the games and Tom Furey and Mark Dwyer for the great snacks after the game.
Badge Draw.
The badge draw is up to $2700 and will again be drawn on Friday night at about 8.30 after the raffle.
Hope to see you at the club for the chance to enjoy a great Pub style meal, winning a meat, tray or voucher and (if you are a Member) being in the draw for $2700.