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More Bowlers Needed For Cardiff Visit
Published by Jack High in Bowls Notes • 9/11/2017 11:55:02 AM
Here’s the latest From the Bowlie.
Club Championships
Last Thursday a minor triples game was played between Jim Blake, Martin Tighe, Gary McPhee and Bob Freeman, Gladrin Sun and Steve Ryan. The scores after 11 ends was 9 all, but from this point Steve's team went to sleep and Gary's team took control of the game and ran out winners 35 to 16 after 25 ends.
On Saturday a major triples game was played between Graham Dixon John Hodge Colin Hayward and Peter McPhee Mark Dwyer Gary Carberry. After 8 ends the scores were 6 all but from here Gary's team took control of the game and finished up winning 16 of the 25 ends running out winners 24 to 14.
Social Bowls
Thursday There were 16 social bowlers last Thursday who made up four rinks of pairs. John Taylor and Mike Valentine played George Bradley and Keith MacRae. After seven ends Keith's team lead by one shot, 6 to 5 and led all the rest of the game and running out winners 20 to 14.Although Mike's team lost the match they won 11 of the 21 ends, and there was never more than 6 shots difference for the rest of the game.
Greg Huggins, and John Dunn played Rob Irving and Arthur Corbett. This was a very even game throughout with Rob Irving and Arthur Corbett running out winners 19 to 17. In another game Graham Barby and Colin Mudie played Robert Tinker and Graham Dixon. Colin lead all the way for the 21 ends to win comfortably. The last game of pairs was between Malcolm Porter , Colin Hayward and John Watson, Ron Hornery. This game was a walk over for the first half of the game but John and Ron made a
comeback in the last half to restrict Malcolm and Colin to win by 19 to 17 after 21 ends.
Saturday Four rinks of pairs were contested with one game in particular contested between Malcolm Porter, Gary McPhee and John Watson, John Taylor finishing in an 18 all draw. The game was close throughout and the scores were Malcolm and Gary 18 and the two Johns 13 on the 19th end. However the two Johns scored 5 shots on the last two ends which made the final score 18 all. Results of other games were Martin Tighe, Colin Mudie 11 John Keogh, John Davies 18. Jim Blake, Mick Valentine 16 Greg Huggins, Greg Howlett 11. Rob Irving, John Ward 23 Ray Jones, Ron Hornery 11.Ted Wright, Steve Ryan 25 Wal Grant Keith MacRae 15.
Coming Up.
Members are reminded that Cardiff travelling Bowlers will visit our club next weekend 16th & 17th September and more players names, both men and women are required to play in club uniform on the Saturday and mufti on the Sunday. The games will start at 1pm each day and names in the green book on the bar but no later than 12/30pm both days.
Badge Draw.
Next Friday night members and the general public are invited to come along for a wholesome meal where the club badge draw has jackpotted to $1300.00.