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Handicap Pairs down to the final
Published by The Driving Lead in Bowls Notes • 10/29/2012 2:30:25 PM
G;Day and welcome to this weeks news from the Bowlie.
18 teams took part in last Thursday nights games and with a few more teams to come on board, the night is starting to become a real night out for the players and supporters.The winners on the night were ELLE and the runners up BUSHIES and the lucky losers CRACKERJACKS.
Some results on the night, The Battlers beat the Three Amigos 13/12. Bushies beat the Railway Goat Poachers 10/6 and Thrown Together beat We Wreckem and We Fixem 18/12.The Highlight on the night was the first appearance of the new colors of Fletcher Ford and Kia, who also starred with a win over BMB.
20 Players fronted on a sunny but windy Thursday Afternoon for a game of bowls.The winners on the day being John Carr and Steve Turner, the Runners up being Merv Hennock and Noel Nicholson.A couple of results on the day saw Joe Kennedy and Dave Buggie beat Col Hornery and Mike Parkes 24/19 and Norm Keane and John Corcoran beat John Hodge and Keith MacRae 29/23.
Saturday Afternoon saw 34 bowlers on the Greens with the winners being Mick Craft and Bernie Mitchelland the runners up being Arthur Corbett and Dave Johnson. A couple of results of the round saw Steve Turner and Col Hayward beat Mike Valentine and Joe Davies 19/17 in a very tight game. The triples game of Tom Cole, Merv Hennock and Gary McPhee beat Joe Crowley, Joe Kennedy and John Hodge 21/19. Also in a very close game but the comeback of the year saw Tony Byrne and Mark Dwyer beat Ron Fisher( great to see you back Ron) and John O'Malley 23/20, after Tony and Mark were down 11/0 on the 5th end. Never say die in bowls.
The second round of the Handicap Pairs were also played on Saturday, which saw John Dunn and Tom Casey beat Glen Pepper and Laurie Westcott 30/17. Noel Nicholson and John Ward beat John Corcoran and Paul Henry 25/16. Bernie Mitchell and Mick Craft had a big win over Ted Wright and Ron Hornery 30/9 and Ron Murray and Terry Hetherington also had a big win over Kev Hynds(sub) and Dean Searl 31/16.
So this Saturday Afternoon sees Ron Murray and Terry Hetherington take on John Dunn and Tom Casey for the title of Handicap Pairs Champion. Best of luck to both teams.
The Silver team made the trip up the Newell to take on Dubbo City, whilst the Blue team was at home to Millthorpe.At Dubbo the Silver team had a hard fought win over the City Side. We had a win in both the singles and fours, while the pairs fought out a draw, this gave us a 5/1 win. This Sunday the Silver team is again off to Dubbo to take on the West Dubbo team. Meanwhile the Blue team was home to Millthorpe but the home ground advantage was not enough and Millthorpe won 4/2. We won the Pairs but lost both the Singles and Fours. This Sunday the team is off to Wellington for their last game, we cannot make the finals but can cause some major damage to both Wellington and Millthorpe. We wish both teams the best of luck on their last games of the competition.
The working bees on the Middle green have it all ready for the chaff to be placed on Monday Afternoon. So after that all we have to do is sit back and watch it grow over the next 6 months.
The Nominations for the Mixed Pairs have now closed and the Nominations for the Handicap Singles have now opened. The dates are on the board.
Well that's it for this week, see you all at the Bowlie.

The Driving Lead.

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