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Three Grades Of Pennants At Home
Published by The Driving Lead in Bowls Notes • 4/29/2013 7:28:13 PM
G'Day and welcome to this weeks news from the Bowlie.
A huge weekend for the club over the past weekend, with our three grades of Pennants all at home.The No. fives met a fired up Dubbo City and despite giving it everything they had, went down five and a half points to half a point, the fives are playing at Zone level, and with only four teams in the Competition,they have to have a couple of big wins to get back in line for a flag.
The Sixes had a top game against our old foe Forbes and just scraped in 4/2, thanks mainly to a big win from the John Ward team, so they are now on their way.
The Sevens had a great game against the Peak Hill Boys, we got home 5/1, we are still struggling to make up the shortfall and this Sunday will tell the tale, we are off to Forbes and to have any hope, must beat them, this will be Forbes' last game, while we have a game against Condo in the last round, if we beat Forbes and can beat Condo at home. We have a good chance of going to Dubbo for the Zone playoffs.
The Pennants have really effected this Competition, with only small numbers attending on Sunday Mornings, the Jackpot did'nt go off this week, so $540 on Sunday.
30 bowlers fronted on Thursday, with the winners on the day being Mike Valentine and Robert Corbett, runners up Bill Skinner and Kevin Hynds, scores from a couple of close games on the day, Glenn Pepper and Arthur Corbett beat Joe Crowley and Col Mudie 19/15, and Bill Skinner and Kev Hynds beat Tom Cole and Dean Searle 17/15.
Saturday saw 46 bowlers on the greens, with a mixture of Social and Club Games, the winners on the day being Dave Johnson and marker Pat Cooney, the runners up Col Woods and Norm Keane, a couple of scores from the day, John Hodge and Steve Turner beat Sheldon Orr and Wally Austin 21/16, and in a mixed pairs game Bernie Mitchell and Brenda Davies had a close win over Kevin Hynds and Rhone Went 24/21.
Four games of Major Singles and two games of Minor Pairs were played on Saturday. In the Major Singles games, Dave Johnson had a big win over Col Mudie 31/16, Robert Corbett was too good for Tom Casey 31/13, Brett Frame and Arthur Corbett had a mighty tussle, in a game that could have gone either way Brett got up 31/28, and in the final Singles game,Graham Fliedner had a nail biting win over Mick Went 31/28, at the 33rd end, the scores were level at 28/28, then Graham went ahead 29/28, and in the last end, with Graham holding two shots and the game, Mick went for an on Shot, holding all the back wood, he picked up the jack clean as a whistle, only to see it hit one of his back bowls and spear forward past Grahams front bowls to give him the game, what a game, it was a pity there had to be a winner.
In the Minor pairs games, Alan Affleck and Joe Crowley went on their merry way, disposing of Steve Mills and Mike Parkes 25/21, and in the other game Tom Cole (Sub) and John O'Malley beat the fancied team of Mick Craft and Greg Fisher 27/14.
The Singles and Pairs games are now at the Pointy end of the Competition, so there will be some great games over the next couple of weeks.
The nominations for the Classic Pairs will close on 9th May, so anyone who wants to enter a team, put your nominations in the Blue book.
Also Nominations for both the Major and Minor Triples are now open, put your names on the sheet in the Bar, also on the envelope, with your entry fee, in the box.
Well that it for this week, see you all at the Club.

The Driving Lead

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