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District Fours
Published by The Driving Lead in Bowls Notes • 1/30/2012 1:33:41 PM
G Day and welcome to this weeks news from the Bowlie.
This past weekend ,the Bowlie held the District Fours Championships, after the first two rounds we got into the nitty gritty of the games, and on Sunday saw the playing of the semi finals, two Parkes teams playing two Forbes teams, but lady luck was not on our side , and both teams were beaten, the two Forbes teams were meant to play each other on Sunday afternoon, but due to the weather, the game was postponed to Saturday morning, the 11th February at 9am.
On Australia Day, the club held its famous Mini Carnival, 14 teams took part in a great days games and entertainment, all the teams dressed in their Australian shirts and hats, and despite the weather, a great day was had by all, Our Australia day Ambassador, Gordon Bray was on hand to present the prizes, the winning team was team Barby and second place went to team White from Forbes, well done to everyone who took part.
Again only half the teams turned up for their games, but those who did, played like they meant business, some scores on the night, Maree Costumes had a close win against The Gate 14/10, and Poets Corner beat Super Bees 16/12.
Thursday night saw Revamped beat Uniting Church 16/12, and We Wreck Em beat Casey Surveying 16/13.
SATURDAY SOCIAL, saw 26 players take to the greens. but as there was no sheets available, I don't know who won the day, but some scores, Joe Crowley and Mark Dwyer had a good win over Merv Hannock and John Omalley 22/17, Gordon Dickson and Kevin Hynds had a close win over Greig Ball and Tom Casey 26/23, and Greg Huggins (Peak Hill) and Terry Lozo (another Visitor) had a good win over Bernie Mitchell and Peter McPhee17/15
12 Players took part in the race for the jackpot, but it still has not gone off, one particular score from the morning, I was instructed to make sure this game was mentioned, Chris Dunn and Greg Fisher beat Dave Johnson and Alan Affleck 35/14, but the big talking point was that after 9 ends, Chris and Greg led 31/0, obviously Dave realized what was going on, and decided to play Bowls, so the score was not so Hugh, he even scored a 6 on the last end to make it even better, well done fellas, with the laughter going on in the club at the presentations it was a very light hearted morning.
The nominations are open for the Minor and Major Pairs and the Minor and Major Singles, both events close on the 9th February, the lists are on the board, so put your names down, REMEMBER, the pairs must be played before 3/4 March, the singles ,no closing date as yet, BUT all these events can be played before the due dates, don't wait till the last day, remember, Play or get a sub.
Well that's it for this week, see you all at the Bowlie,
good bowling to you all.

The Driving Lead.

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