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Rugby League Bowls Day Approaching
Published by The Leftie in Bowls Notes • 2/23/2015 4:14:56 PM
Here's the latest from the Bowlie.
The father and son combination of Warwick and Matthew Parker scored a last end victory over Dave Johnson and Flip Fliedner in a closely fought Major Pairs match. The decision to play Warwick as lead with Matthew skipping worked perfectly with Warwick playing very good bowls and Matthew chiming in with some great end winning bowls. The first 11 ends were hard fought with Warwick and Matthew holding a narrow 10-9 lead. Dave and Flip then scored nine shots on the next three ends to lead 18-10 and looked likely to skip away with the match. Warwick and Matthew dug deep and won the next four ends to trail by just one shot 18-17. Dave and Flip picked up one shot on the nineteenth end to extend their lead before Warwick and Matthew scored two shots on the penultimate end to level the score at 19 all. The last end saw Warwick and Matthew score one shot to claim victory 20-19 in a very close and entertaining match.
26 bowlers played four games of pairs and one triples.
The triples game saw Les Kent, Jim Jennings and Steve Ryan trail 13-15 after 15 ends in their game against Col Woods, Bill Skinner and Graham Barby. Les, Jim and Steve won five of the last six ends to record a 24-20 win.
John Harkins and Col Hayward played Gordon Dickson and John Ward. This started out a very even contest with the score 12 all after 12 ends. John and Col then won eight of the last nine ends to win 24-13.
Leading 15-12 after 16 ends, John Carr and Gary McPhee scored 11 shots on the last four ends played to defeat Rob Irving and Wally Austin 26-12.
Ray Jones and Graham Dixon, aided by a seven shot end, led John Keogh and Kevin Hynds 18-6 after 14 ends. John and Kevin fought back but were unable to bridge the gap with Ray and Graham going on to win the game 22-15.
Gladrin Sun and Keith MacRae gave a dominate display in their 26-11 win over John Dunn and Col Mudie.
Bob and Geoff Freeman played John Watson and Bernie Coleman in a low scoring game. Bob and Geoff held a 4-3 lead after seven ends before scoring seven shots on the next two ends to lead 11-3. The next eight ends only saw 10 shots scored with Bob and Geoff holding a narrow 14-10 lead. They then won the last three ends to run out 19-10 victors. Although on the losing team, John Watson played very consistent bowls all game to be the player of the game.
Major prize winners were John Carr and Gary McPhee with the minor prize winners being Gladrin Sun and Keith MacRae. The jackpot of $120 was won by the lucky rink of Bob Freeman, Geoff Freeman, John Watson and Bernie Coleman. The jackpot will recommence at $40 tomorrow.
22 bowlers took to the green for social bowls on Saturday afternoon and played four games of pairs and one triples.
In the triples game Alan Affleck, Gordon Dickson and Craig Henry played Bob Freeman, John Keogh and Steve Turner. Alan, Gordon and Craig, aided by one six shot and one seven shot end, held a good 19-8 lead after 12 ends. Bob, John and Steve then won five of the next seven ends to narrow the lead to 21-18. Alan, Gordon and Craig scored three shots on each of the last two ends to run out 27-18 winners.
Ron Fisher and Graham Turner played Ray Jones and Joe Crowley. A low scoring start saw Ron and Graham lead 9-2 after nine ends. Ray and Joe scored 11 shots in winning three of the next four ends to grab the lead 13-10. Ron and Graham won five of the next seven ends to level score 16 all with one end to play. At this stage Ron and Graham had won 14 ends in scoring their 16 shots. The last end saw them have their biggest shot scoring end, picking up three shots, to win the game 19-16.
Mike Valentine and John Ward led Les Kent and John Hodge 16-13 after 15 ends. They then won the next three ends to extend their lead to 23-13 and survived a fight back from Les and John to claim a 23-21 win.
Stuart Kelly and Dave Johnson held a narrow 14-12 lead over Rob Irving and Mark Dwyer after 15 ends. Rob and Mark finished the stronger, winning four of the last six ends, to claim victory 21-16.
Noel Nicholson, clearly man of the game, and Arthur Corbett played John Carr and Geoff Freeman. Noel and Arthur had the better start and led 10-4 after 10 ends. John and Geoff fought back to trail 14-12 after 19 ends. Noel and Arthur scored four shots on the penultimate end and held on to win 18-14. The nineteenth end saw four, seven shot turnarounds. Each player’s last bowl of the end had a seven shot turnaround. John and Geoff held shot before Noel’s last bowl moved the jack for his side to hold six shots. John played his last bowl and drew the shot for John and Geoff to again hold one shot. Arthur’s last bowl managed to remove John’s shot bowl from the head for them to again hold six shots and then Geoff’s last bowl rested on the oppositions closest bowl for John and Geoff to win the end with one shot. This is a very rare occurrence with Arthur stating that he has never heard of it in his 40 plus years of playing bowls.
Major winners were Noel Nicholson and Arthur Corbett with the minor prize going to Mike Valentine and John Ward.
The Stefen Mikita donated haircut was won by Geoff Freeman.
Unfortunately rain again washed out Tuesday twilight bowls. Bowlers need to have their name in by 5:30pm on Tuesdays with play commencing at 6:00pm.
Thursday night twilight bowls saw 54 bowlers compete.
After leading 10-2 the undefeated Battlers hung on to defeat Bowl Bros 10-9. Next week Battlers will go head to head with Bushies who are the only other undefeated team in the competition.
High Rollers scored a narrow 12-9 win over Mike’s Kitchen and Two and a Half Fitters scored three shots on the last two ends to record a 13-10 win over Back Trundle Road 1.
Major prize winners were Two and a Half Fitters with Bowling Stones getting the minor prize. Lucky losers prize went to Mike’s Kitchen.
16 bowlers played four games of pairs.
Don Littlewood and Clive Stibbard led 8-0 early in the game and went on to have a 16-8 win over Mick Blunt and Greg Townsend.
After the score was 14 all, Steve Turner and Elaine Miller scored six shots on the last two ends to defeat Geoff Bloom and Keith Hutchison 20-14.
Ian Brown and Malcolm Watt scored six shots on the last three ends to record a come from behind 10-5 win over Gladrin Sun and Bob Freeman.
Craig Henry and Dave Johnson scored seven shots on the last three ends to record a come from behind 13-11 win over Paul Byrne and Ian Simpson.
Prize winners were Ian Simpson, Gladrin Sun, Geoff Bloom, Mick Blunt and Don Littlewood.
The jackpot was not won and remains at $1000. The jackpot number range is being reduced each week so come along on Sunday morning for a game of bowls, a sausage sandwich, and a chance to win the jackpot. Names in by 9:30am for a 10:00am start.
This event is being held on Saturday, March 7 commencing at 1:30pm. Names need to be in by 1:00pm.
It is a mufti bowls day playing two games of triples with plenty of prizes on offer. Cost is $15 per player which includes a BBQ tea.
Saturday, February 28 – Round 1 Major Singles; Sunday, March 1 – Round 2 Minor Singles; Saturday, March 7 – Rugby League Day; Sunday, March 8 – Round 1 Grade 6 & 7 Pennants; Saturday, March 14 – Round 1 Major and Minor Pairs; Saturday, March 21 – Parkes Cellars Day.
Thursday, February 26 – Col Mudie and Alan Affleck; Saturday, February 28 – Tom Casey and Tony Byrne; Thursday, March 5 – Noel Nicholson and John Ward.

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